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We are 3 generations of  family originally from the South of England. We all moved to Fonclaire in 2018, after falling in love with this place following a visit as guests earlier the same year.

Our Family is made up of nana Carol, daughter Jen & husband Chris, children Amelia, Joshua & Oliver. Together we spent years planning our move in search of an opportunity to enjoy French living whilst running a business together.

Before our time, Fonclaire has offered family's many memorable holidays, a lot of whom have returned year on year. Our aim is to continue to maintain the high satisfactions holiday makers have had over the years, with a few improvements along the way. We have added a new pool, fishing and Glamping tents.

In the Summer of 2019 we were lucky enough to appear on Channel Four's A New Life In The Sun Season 5. We appear on episodes 26 -29 and are listed as three generations of family from Kent. Jen and Chris have fun installing the new look Fonclaire Signs with some technical problems, whilst Jen and mum Carol have to explain to guests there is no hot water.  Check out the 'Where they are now' episodes too.


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