There is lots to do in the area, whether you want to cycle the hills of Monts de Blond, Check out the numerous markets in Bellac, or just explore the beautiful town. 


If history is what you are looking for, visit Ecomusée "Nostalgie Rurale" preserved village, showing you what French towns used to be like in the early twentieth century. Close by you can also visit Oradour Sur Glane, the town which got destroyed for reasons still unknown.

Activities & fun for all the family can also be had on the inland beaches of Lac De Saint Pardoux and Parc Zoo du Reynou

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Bellac Market Town 10km

Bellac has three markets each week, the biggest at the Champ de Foire (in front of tourist office) on Saturday morning from 7am- 12noon where you can choose from an array of locally-produced food and drinks. On Thursday mornings (behind the Place de Palais) there’s a fresh fish market.

Also on (or around) 1st of each month there’s the big monthly Foire where you can source household linens, clothes and shoes, accessories and flowers/plants – depending on season

During July & August there are also ‘Marchés des Producteurs’ held on Saturday evenings in the Parc Charles Sylvestre where you can sit at picnic benches and sample local food and wines with the locals, whilst enjoying some regional French music and entertainment. A great evening for all ages especially when the weather is warm!

Bellac also hosts a Christmas market full of festivities. 2018 dates to follow shortly.

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Oradour Sur Glane  20km

Before the second World War Oradour-sur-Glane was a small traditional French village centred around its church. The village gained its importance in French history when it was completely destroyed by the retreating forces of the German SS on the 10th June 1944.

The destruction of the village also included the murder of all its 642 inhabitants, the reason for the attact is still somewhat unknown.

A place to visit in quiet contemplation, the remains of the original village have been retained exactly as they were at the end of that terrible day, as a tribute and memorial to those who died.

As you explore the village you can still see the wrecked cars and machinery and the gutted buildings, including the church where more than 400 people lost their lives and the barns where many of the men were killed, exactly as they were left on that day.

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Parc Zoo Du Reynou  52km

'Discover the great spectacle of wildlife and plant life on 100 hectares of unspoilt nature!

Around a 19th century castle and a picturesque setting, come and meet more than 600 animals of 130 species from the five continents and discover more than 120 plant species, admire the ancien trees in your walk.'

'Travel around the world within a few hours of walking in our magnificent park. Come and discover the famous Giraffes and the jumping African Antelopes.  Enjoy fabulous Evening primroses and the mysterious Asian Cervids.  Explore the majestic lions, the shy Binturongs, turbulent Marmosets and many others!

Monts de Blond  4km

The 'Monts de Blond' are the first mountain range of 'Massif Central'.

This granite hill line holds several listed sites. The great amount of rivulets favours the existence of vast ponds like Cieux, Fromental or Boscartus into which they pour.

'Monts de Blond' boast a real mosaic of landscapes which are an ideal  setting favouring hiking and cycling.

With its ice-aged boulders, its weather-beatentocks ans its mégaliths , the area of 'Monts de Blond' is a land of legends ans mysteries where you will appreciate the quietness and the beauty of unspoilt landscapes. 

Ecomusée "Nostalgie Rurale" 12km

Montrol-Sénard is a true Limousin village evokes the rural life of the early twentieth century in authentic Places. Wonder this pretty village and get a real insights how life use to be. The village offers  the change to see the preserved local houses, shops, workshops and school, to name a few.

The offers hours of interest for all the family and is free to visit.

Lac De Saint-Pardoux  20km

One of the most visited destinations in the Haute-Vienne department of Limousin.

This tourist spot offers something for everyone, with the 300 hectare lake at the centre of the attraction, Saint Pardoux  offers a wide range of facilities and activities to summer visitors.

Activities include boating on the water, Acrobatic tree top adventures, absailing over the lake, sandcastles on the beach, to relaxing walks around the edges of the lake.

Add to this playgrounds and a water park and an indoor swimming pool and you'll understand why its so popular.


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