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A Customer in need

So last night we received a call from a lady in the Netherlands asking if we had any availability for a friend and her 2 daughters. They have been travelling around France in a camper van, and yesterday the camper broke down and they needed a place to stay until the camper was fixed. The only availability we had was our studio gite for 2 people, however we offered to put a mattress on the floor for the 3rd person.

This morning I received a call directly from the lady with the broken down camper saying they would be really grateful for the studio gite if it was still available. They were just waiting to here from someone who was hopefully going to give them a lift to Fonclaire, and if not she was going to try and get a taxi.

Knowing the family had already had a stressful time, we offered to pick them up if they needed us too, which they really appreciated. On the drive back to Fonclaire they were explaining their next challange was going to be getting to a supermarket as they had no food. So when I explained we had a small shop which sold pizza's, burgers, crisps, snacks and drinks, the family where over the moon.

Now they are here, they can try to relax, and hopefully unwind and make the most of the few days they have here, I think the pool will help them with that :)

Where we can, we will always try to help our guests with any problem they might have, customer service is so important to us, and making sure our guests have everything they need to enjoy their time here.

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