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Apologies & Desole

We are now in full swing of our season, we have lots of guests enjoying our site and relaxing on their holidays. During this time we make a lot of effort to keep our site as clean as possible which takes up a lot of our time.

Chris starts the day at 6am with a shower block clean, and then moves onto the pool, opening the pool and cleaning it ready for 10am when guests can go swimming. During this time I'm (Jen) preparing guests breakfasts and then jump on the computer going through email and enquires, answers any questions our guests have and checking availability.

Come 10am once guests start checking out, I start the cleaning rounds with mum Carol, whilst Chris see's off the guests as they leave. A typical day will see us cleaning for 2-3 hours, before then moving on to the laundry and getting ready for the following days turn arounds.

Before we know it it's 15hr and we are getting ready to welcome our incoming guests, and show them to their units. We also use this time to chat to any other guests on site to make sure they are ok, and don't need anything.

All the while Chris is back and fourth to the shower block making sure it is clean for everyone.

During July and August, if you call and I don't get to the phone in time, or you email and I don't reply straight away, please bear with us. We are doing our best to keep everyone happy, and everyone is important to us, it just might take us a little longer then normal to reply to you.

If you have an urgent enquiry, please send me a text / SMS and I will do my best to answer it as soon as I can. If your enquiry is not so urgent and can wait 1-2 days, please send me an email and I will reply as soon as I can.

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Busy Camping site

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