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Oh Deer!

You know what its like when your alarm goes off on a Monday morning, I was struggling to wake up to get the 3 kids ready for school, when I heard a knock on our bedroom french doors. It sounded like a bird had flown into the doors. I was mid make up, so I quickly finished applying my mascara when I heard the same knock again. I thought its highly unlikely 2 birds have just flown into our door...

I stood up and went over to the doors and pulled back the curtain. As soon as I did I quickly shut the curtain again and shouted at Chris 'There is a deer outside our door!' It scared the life out of me, not because I am scared of deer's, I just wasn't expecting it.

I pulled back the curtains for a 2nd time, to double check I wasn't dreaming, and the cute young deer was still there. I ran into the kids bedrooms quietly as to not shout too loudly and scare the deer off. They all came to our french doors and got to get up close to the deer.

It seems a little jumpy, as you would expect i guess, if you come face to face (with the doors in-between us) with 5 humans, but it wasn't hurt or anything. Amelia went and got an apple for it and put it outside the door, but unfortunately this scared the deer and it went running off.

I wouldn't want to encourage wild animals to get to close to humans for their own safety, but it was an amazing experience for us. We know we have deer living in our woods, and we doo see them when we go for a walk, but never so close up.

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