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Rare Opportunity

Yesterday Mum and I only had one unit to clean, normally at this time of year we clean between 4-7 units a day between the tents and gites, but as we are fully booked we had a rare day with less work to do.

So we took the opportunity to take the kids out for the day. Josh wanted to go to the beach to collect shells, but Amelia didn't want to sit in the car for ages, and Olly just wanted to do whatever Josh wanted to do! So I asked them for a plan B and said we need to do something everyone was happy with, so Amelia suggested going to a water park, which isn't something we had done in France in the 5 years we have been here.

Chris and I jumped onto the computer and started searching for waterparks near by, and after a bit of research I came up with Saint Lac Pardoux Water Splash. Now Lac Pardoux is a large lake beach which we have visited many times, and enjoy going to, but I have never considered visiting the water park there, I had almost forgotten it had one.

Anyway, I suggested to the kids a picnic at the beach, and I would take some shop bought shells to bury for Josh and Olly to find, a swim in the lake and then a trip to the Water Splash, which was a winning idea combining all the things they wanted to do.

I can confirm we had the best day out, we arrived at the beach at 1pm, had a picnic on the grass under the trees at the top of the beach (it was 31' yesterday so needed as much shade as possible), then we went for a refreshing swimming in the lac and the kids made sand castles and hunted for shells. And then onto the water park, which for 2 adults and 3 children (Olly is under 4 so free) it was only 26€.

There is a pirate pool with water slides for toddlers, and then a selection of 8 larger slides for big kids & adults. the pools are surrounded by sun loungers and there is also a snack bar for drinks and ice creams, although next time I go I will probably take an extra cool bag for drinks and snacks around the pool.

All in all a very successful day out and lots of fun had by all, I would defiantly recommend a trip to Saint Lac Pardoux Beach and Water Splash park.

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