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To Wifi or not to Wifi

In the world today almost everything we do requires technology & the internet, an ipad / mobile phone, even watches. Don't get me wrong its amazing how technology has advanced from the fax machine to SMS, however, living in the French countryside I don't mind not having top speed internet because it encourages me and the kids to get out and be more active, and enjoy the world we live in.

When it comes to the business, we also have guests who are happy the internet is limited, and the kids have to get involved in our giant games, or go exploring around our woods and look for our family of deer or wild hare. But then on the other hand you have guests who need the internet for work reason, and need to be able to connect wherever they go.

Almost all of our reviews are fantastic and we really appreciate the support and recognition we get from our guests, however if we do get negative feedback, 9 times out of ten, it is because the wifi isn't good enough.

Luckily enough we had an orange technician come round the other day to arrange our Fibre installation, which will hopefully be early Aug '23.

So my question to you is, do you want wifi on holiday or are you happy to leave it at home?

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